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       Colored Scrimshaw on fossilized ivory

These beautiful one of a kind, works of art are hand crafted . Most are made of fossilized ivory that is 30,000 years old or older. they are sliced, polished and then etched with ship motif's. Each one different, some are done in color while others are done in traditional black. Next they are drilled and mounted in either gold or silver, making it possible to wear it as a pendant or an earring; or specially mounted as a tie tack/stickpin. Web have one pair that is appropriate for mounting as silver cuff links. 

For the business privateer these tie tacks and cuff links are the ultimate way to express your love of the adventure, of ships and the sea in us all. these are beautifully done in 14kt gold or sterling silver, adding instant heirlooms to your estate.

bulletHand carved on fossilized ivory, using centuries old techniques
bulletScrimshaw pieces are available with gold or silver mountings to be worn as a necklace, or can be specially mounted as a tie tack or stickpin. 
bulletWe also have gold or silver chains available to complement your necklace.

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