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Blue Pirate Royalty          Don Juan Pirate        Pink Pirate Royalty     Smaller Blue Royalty

    $400.00                        $780.00                   $300.00                       $175.00



 Purrfect Pussycat        Pirate Royalty Belt Buckle      Smaller Red Royalty     Bling Cross Charm

    $28.00                           $600.00                          $150.00                     $35.00

You can custom order these pieces with other stones upon request.

We can get most natural stones, (yellow Citrine, blue Topaz, red Garnet, green Peridot or green simulated Emerald) Additional stones available. Prices vary.

Can also be cast in 14 Kt. Gold. Price of Gold is based on the spot price of Gold for the day.

E-mail us at or phone (623) 533-0430